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Turquoise(Howlite, Blue) Trapezoid ap.14-18x25mm-15.5"
Save 35%
Reg. $10.00
Sale $6.50
Cubic Zirconia Beads Sunshine Diamond 9x9mm
Save 5%
Reg. $20.60
Sale $19.57
Rose Quartz Tube 4x6mm-16"
Save 5%
Reg. $6.00
Sale $5.70

Rose Quartz Marquise 8x16mm-15.5"
Save 5%
Reg. $11.00
Sale $10.45
Jet Flat Oval 15x20mm-16"
Save 5%
Reg. $20.00
Sale $19.00
Matte Agate Rice 13x38mm-14.5"(8pcs)
Save 5%
Reg. $27.00
Sale $25.65

Metal Findings Pendant Antique Silver Animal 35x4512mm
Save 5%
Reg. $4.50
Sale $4.27
Cubic Zirconia Beads Amethyst Cube 6x6mm
Save 25%
Reg. $29.24
Sale $21.93
Cubic Zirconia Beads Pink Cube 6x6mm
Save 25%
Reg. $29.24
Sale $21.93

Impression Jasper Blue Stick 10x25mm-10x55mm-15.5"
Save 25%
Reg. $24.00
Sale $18.00
Impression Jasper Dark Purple Heishi ap.6.5mm-16"
Save 25%
Reg. $12.00
Sale $9.00
Carnelian Coin 14mm-15.6"
Save 25%
Reg. $14.00
Sale $10.50

Agate Red Faceted Round 4mm-15 Inch
Pyrite Faceted Rondelle 4x6mm-15.5 Inch
Pyrite Faceted Round 8mm-15.5 Inch

Pyrite Faceted Round 6mm-15.5 Inch
Ocean Jasper Round 12mm-16 Inch
China Ocean Jasper Round 10mm-16 Inch

Agate Faceted Rice 7x10mm-15.5 Inch
Peaceful Jade Round 6mm-16 Inch
White Jade Round 7.5mm-16 Inch
NEW! - Save 15%
Reg. $11.00
Sale $9.35

Malachite Flat Oval 10x14mm-15.5 Inch
Lapis Heishi ap.2x6.5mm-15.5 Inch
Lapis Round ap. 2.3 mm-15.5 Inch

Amethyst Faceted Round 6.5mm-15.5"
Matte Banded Agate Purple Round 8mm-15.5"
Amethyst Round-Graduated 6-9mm-16'

Zebra Jasper Flat Oval 13x18mm-15.5"
Freshwater Pearl-Green Nugget ap.9x12mm-15"
Agate Faceted Marquise ap.28x40mm-17.5"(9pcs)

Malachite Round 15mm-8"(13pcs)
Agate Twisted Oval ap.20x30mm-15"(9pcs)
Yellow Turquoise Coin 25mm-16"

Cubic Zirconia Beads Pink Rondelle 3mm
Cubic Zirconia Beads Clear/Crystal Rectangle 6x9mm
Cubic Zirconia Drops & Pendants Light Champagne Cross 14x22mm

Dragon Blood Stone Round 8mm-15.5"
Red Tiger's Eye Round 6mm-16"
Impression Jasper Stick-Graduated ap.7x20mm-7x40mm-16"
Save 25%
Reg. $22.00
Sale $16.50

Amazonite Square 10x10mm-16"
Save 15%
Reg. $16.00
Sale $13.60
Kambaba Jasper Round 10mm-16"
Save 5%
Reg. $16.00
Sale $15.20
Red Garnet Round 8mm-15.5"

Chrysoprase Round 6mm-16"
Clear Quartz Faceted Round-Graduated (6-14)mm-17"
Mother of Pearl Nugget ap.7x9mm-15'

Green Goldstone Round 4mm-15.5"
Green Goldstone Round 6mm-15.2"
Labradorite Round 10mm-15.8"


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