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Cubic Zirconia Beads Amethyst Rondelle 4mm
Save 10%
Reg. $23.80
Sale $21.42
Cubic Zirconia Beads Alexandrite Oval 9x12mm
Save 15%
Reg. $33.30
Sale $28.30
Mother of Pearl Coin 30mm-15.5"
Save 15%
Reg. $9.00
Sale $7.65

Metal Findings Charm Antique Silver Heart 11x14x3mm 20pcs
Save 15%
Reg. $4.50
Sale $3.82
Apple Charm Antique Silver 7.5x12x5mm 20pcs
Save 15%
Reg. $4.50
Sale $3.82
Dragon Blood Stone Green Round 4mm-15.5 Inch
Save 5%
Reg. $9.00
Sale $8.55

Metal Findings Beads Antique Silver 12x15x7mm 20pcs
Save 5%
Reg. $6.80
Sale $6.46
Drops & Pendants Snow Mint Curvy Flame 9x19x4mm
Save 20%
Reg. $28.20
Sale $22.56
Rain Flower Stone Purple Flat Oval 13x18mm-15.5"
Save 20%
Reg. $9.00
Sale $7.20

Indian Agate Round 8mm-15.5"
Save 20%
Reg. $8.00
Sale $6.40
Agate Faceted Round 8mm-14.6"
Save 20%
Reg. $15.00
Sale $12.00
Chinese Crystal Glass Beads Light Green(AB) Faceted Round 10mm-7"(18pcs)
Save 20%
Reg. $4.30
Sale $3.44

Metal Findings Bail Antique Silver 6x7mm 30pcs
Metal Findings Beads Antique Silver 9x9mm 20pcs
Metal Findings Beads Antique Silver 12x3.4mm 20pcs

Metal Findings Beads Antique Silver Round 20mm 2pcs
African Amazonite Round 12mm-15.5 Inch
Beryl Round 7.5mm-15.5 Inch

Beryl Round 4.8mm-16 Inch
Angelite Blue Round 8mm-16 Inch
Bamboo Leaf Jasper Donut-Diamond 33x33-15.5 Inch

Matte Amethyst Round 8mm(8.5mm)-15.5 Inch
Kunzite Round 8mm-15.5 Inch
Pink Opal Round 13mm-15 Inch
NEW! - Save 10%
Reg. $32.00
Sale $28.80

Strawberry Quartz Round 4mm-16 Inch
Picture Jasper Faceted Round 8mm-15 Inch
Oriental Jasper Round 8mm-15.5 Inch

Kyanite Pebble Chips ap.5-11mm-16"
Save 10%
Reg. $14.00
Sale $12.60
Agate Light Blue Faceted Round 8mm-14.5"
Save 20%
Reg. $14.00
Sale $11.20
Lava Black Round 6.5mm-15.5"

Agate Faceted Rice 8x12mm-16"
Metal Findings Beads, Metal Spacer, Antique Silver 10x9x7.5mm 10pcs
Save 5%
Reg. $6.50
Sale $6.18
Cherry Quartz Round 4mm

Cubic Zirconia Gem-Beads Violet Trillion 10x10mm
Cubic Zirconia Gem-Beads Light Champagne Star 10x10mm
Cubic Zirconia Gem-Beads Olivine Heart 10x10x4.5mm
Save 5%
Reg. $1.70
Sale $1.62

Amethyst Round 8mm(8.5mm)-15.5"
Green Aventurine Round 8mm-16"
Banded Agate-Light Blue Round 8mm-15 Inch

Amazonite Round 4.7mm-15.5"
Save 10%
Reg. $7.00
Sale $6.30
Gold Stone Round 8mm-14.5"
Orange Calcite Round 8mm-16 Inch

Dyed Jade Gray Faceted Round 8mm-15.5 inch
Save 5%
Reg. $10.00
Sale $9.50
Pink Aventurine Round 10mm-16 Inch
Save 10%
Reg. $12.00
Sale $10.80
Picasso Jasper Round 8mm-16"

Green Goldstone Round 4mm-15.5"
New Jade Round 6mm-15.5"
Dragon Vein Agate Blue Round 8mm-15"


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